The phenomenon of Magnificat Day has already begun to spread worldwide!

Following the success of Magnificat Days in the United States, the Slovenian edition Magnificat team coordinated and celebrated its second Magnificat Day on May 30th, 2015 at the Church of St. Martin in the picturesque town of Bled, Slovenia.

Here are some highlights.

The Event

”Live your Magnificat!”

In his sermon during the Mass celebrated by the Archbishop of Llubljana, his Excellency, Stanislas Zore, invited
and encouraged the Catholic community of Slovenia to give bold witness to their faith in God.

Magnificat Day was an occasion of great joy and afforded an opportunity to gather many people from the worldwide Magnificat family. The editorial team of the Slovenian Magnificat was thrilled to welcome the French editor,
Mrs. Bernadette Melois, as well as the founding publisher of Magnificat and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dumont.

Magnificat has been very well received in Slovenia since it was first published in September, 2013, filling the need of the many Slovenians who had been searching for a resource to help them pray in union with the Church.
Today over 2,200 Slovenian readers are reading and praying with Magnificat.

Throughout the day, speakers attested to the impact that Magnificat has been having in Slovenia.
Tone Rode, director of the publishing house Družina, thanked Mr Dumont for his presence and for his help
and support during the Slovenian launch of Magnificat.

Franciscan Father Miran Špelič, editor of the Slovenian Magnificat, emphasized how Magnificat has been helping readers to deepen their prayer life. He spoke in emotional terms about how precious it was to see this gathering
of a united Catholic community.

Biblical scholar Snežna Večko delivered an address about the important role feminine figures have played throughout Israel's history.

The Pilgrimage

The pilgrimage on the lake.

Mass was followed by a pilgrimage on the lake.
Carried in boats ornamented with crosses, the faithful chanted psalms, sang Marian hymns, and recited the rosary.

Magnificat Day concluded in the evening with the Ursuline Sisters reciting Vespers
in the sanctuary of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary,
on the stunningly beautiful island of Bled.

Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia
Magnificat Day Slovenia

“The fact that Magnificat is published in Slovenia and in Lithuania with very restricted resources is something magnificent. The publication of Magnificat in Slovenia, in the United States or in Lithuania has the same importance in my heart. They are the faraway lands Saint Paul is talking about: “preach the gospel to all creation!”

Pierre-Marie Dumont in the interview for Družina, the most important Catholic magazine in Slovenia



Passed down to us by the Mother of God, the Magnificat has become a prayer that the Church likes to sing with a singular heart and singular soul, most notably during Vespers. As the Lord never stops tenderly watching over each baptized life and making it marvelous, the Magnificat is also the most beautiful offering of thanksgiving that we can address to God, our Father, in the recesses of our heart. In this spirit, Magnificat has naturally become our spiritual companion, and invites us to walk in the path of praise, intercession and thanksgiving. Equipped by this precious guide, may we, during our pilgrimage on Earth, continue the story of salvation sung by our Lady of the Visitation and, as she did, discover that, ultimately, holiness is the only adventure worth living for.

Pierre-Marie Dumont

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