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Introduction for

Archbishop J. Augustine Di Noia, o.p.

by Very Rev. Romanus Cessario, o.p.


n behalf of theMagnificat Foundation, its president,

Mrs. Bernarda Neal, and the board members here

present, it affords me great pleasure to welcome you to the

2016 Edward Cardinal Egan Lecture.

This year the citywelcomes back one of its own: Archbishop

J. Augustine Di Noia, Adjunct Secretary of the Congregation

for the Doctrine of the Faith. Archbishop Di Noia grew up in

the Bronx, attended Cardinal Hayes High School, and in 1961

began his formation as a Dominican at Providence College.

After completion of his pre-ordination studies in philosophy

and theology, Father Di Noia went to Yale University, where

he obtained his doctorate under the highly regarded Lutheran

theologianGeorge Lindbeck. Dominicans keep the best teach-

ers for their own; Father Di Noia began his teaching at the

Dominican House of Studies in the early 1980s. His class

notes on the Trinity and creation, providence, and sin still

provide the norm for instruction among young Dominican

students. The Church chooses the best for her service; Father

Di Noia was the chief theologian of the bishops’ conference

and the founding director of the Pope John Paul II Cultural

Center in Washington, D.C. In 2002, he was named to the

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and later, in 2009,