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he was appointed Secretary of the Congregation for Divine

Worship. The pope emeritus, Benedict XVI, then raised him

to the episcopacy.

The above andmore of the accomplishments of our speak-

er can be found on Wikipedia. What the Internet does not

reveal adequately is the remarkable erudition of this year’s

Egan lecturer. I have known the archbishop for 54 years,

and I can testify that one rarely sees him without a book in

his hands or in his briefcase. I know also that it pleases the

archbishop to deliver this lecture at a chaplaincy that Cardinal

Egan confided to the Dominicans. We thank Father Sebastian

White, the director of the Catholic Center, for the welcome

and the reception that will follow.

It is difficult to think of more neglected topic among to-

day’s theologians than original sin. So please afford a warm

Big-Apple welcome to a native son who will lecture on the

very intriguing topic, “Not

Born Bad

: The Catholic Truth

About Original Sin”: Archbishop Di Noia.

New York University

May 21, 2016